Action Phase

An action turn is a 3 second (Plus or minus a few) action. This phase will begin, usually, when an action requires full attention of the party, or group that is being addressed. When it begins, I will announce it with the phrase “Action Turn”. At this time, it will play out as follows.

  1. Roll Initiative (This starts over when all players have completed the current action turn)
  2. Begin first action phase (Everyone acts in order of initiative, unless Unconscious, Dead, or Disabled)
  3. Declare and Resolve Actions (You may delay your action in order to then preform your action whenever you would like. You may interrupt someone else)
  4. Rotate and Repeat (If you have a speed of 2 or more, you will start over at step 2)

Initiative is (Intuition + Reflexes)/5. This may be improved by morph type, implants, etc.

Wounds and Trauma affect your Initiative score.

You may spend a point of Moxie to go first. If two people use Moxie, they roll off or can choose who goes first, followed by players who did not.

Action Phase

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